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I Am Me.

So this one day, i was listening to random songs. And i came across “I Am Me” by Willow Smith. That song really touched me, because it explains everything i feel like i’m going through right now. I feel like people judge me without actually getting to know “me.” And surprisingly you would thing that family members would understand you the most, but i feel like my dad just doesn’t. AT ALL. And it kind of hurts. I’ve actually never been close to him.. My whole childhood he wasn’t there for me. So i can’t blame him. But i just want him to understand that i’m getting older, and i can make my own decisions now. He judges me freely without considering it affects me. I got my head shaved recently right? And he automatically assumes that i’m on drugs because of what i did or something. I just like how it looks on me, I like how it makes me feel more, me. And the way i dress, he doesn’t like that too. I mean i still have morals, so i can definitely say that i don’t dress to “sluty” or something. Anyway, i just wanted to get that of my chest, cause i can never admit it to anyone. Not even my closest cousin, my girlfriend, and my bestfriend…. So tumblr, thank you for being there. <3